Global repeaters?

Hi guys,
I want to add my list of items ( which are in a repeater ) and make them appear in another repeater (which is on another page ). How do I do it?

Ex: A list of items on amazon which is on the home page, when clicked or added to cart, needs to reflect on the cart page.


The way to pass data between pages is with global variables. You can use them to store the data you have in your repeater dataset. Images require a little more work as they cannot be stored in a global variable, so you need to create a “hash” to represent any images–or any other widget/state.

This thread should help you:

Thanks a lot. Will try this and get back :slight_smile:

Hey there,
I tried the methods mentioned here. But, the repeater on the second page shows a list of items except the first one and it doesn’t add rows but rather embeds content on the first row. However, I was able to achieve what I wanted using a dynamic panel but would you please help me with this :slight_smile:

Attaching a screenshot. 17%20PM

  1. Created a global variable called product_name and fetched the Item.ProductName from repeater 1 and added a row on the second page with Item.CartName displaying [[product_name.slice(product_name.indexOf(‘,’, 1))]]

Let me know If you want more information on this:

I’m not understanding your question/problem. Could you post a source .rp file, please?

This is the file…ShoppingCartTest.rp (442.6 KB)

@mbc66 Hi, Hope you’re well! Were you able to figure this out?

It looks like you have solved your needs with a dynamic panel on one page. Do you want more help on how to do this on multiple pages, or do you have other problems with the two repeaters in different dynamic panel states?

Like mentioned before, the dynamic panel method solves it. But, I was curious to find if there’s a way to do it using global variables.