Pass data from input page to the repeater of another page

There are two pages which is task list page and edit reminder page.

  1. How can I pass the data from reminder page to the repeater in task list page.
    2.Can I do these function?


Yes, you can do this. The only way to pass data between pages is with global variables, so you need to basically convert or assign values from your repeater datasheet using the Set Variable action. The basic approach is:

  • in the first page, in the repeater’s Item Loaded event, update global variable values so as each row is added/updated its values are tracked in your global variables.
    • In your example, it looks like you might have 5 or so columns in the repeater dataset. Maybe you only need to track 2 of them (e.g., if first column always has a “lightbulb” graphic and the “Edit” and “Remove” button are always the same. So you could create a global variable for RowTitle and RowDetail or something like that.
    • In the same case in the Item Loaded event that you Set Text, you can add Set Variable and append that row’s data, e.g., Set Variable value of RowTitle equal to [[RowTitle]][[Item.Title]]; (note in this example, a semicolon is used as a delimiter–you can use any unique character or string for this.
  • On the second page, delete all the data in your repeater dataset so you have a blank repeater.
  • Build the repeater by successively adding rows based on what is stored in the global variables.
    • Either in the Page Loaded event or the repeater’s Loaded event, recursively walk through the global variables, adding a new row for each “item” (delimited with a semicolon or whatever.)
    • Axure doesn’t support arrays (nor switch statements, nor true functions) so there are some “creative” ways to handle “walking through” a set of values in a variable. See examples of this in the threads below.

A few recent examples of doing this in Axure RP8. This will work the same way in RP9, and you should be able to open and use the .rp files in RP9.

thx a lot
but how if i edit the things at repeater then i need to pass it to another page
like i changed restrict aircond use to close the fan