Global Variables and Popup Windows

I know this is a rather “noob” question but I’m having trouble with global variables and popup windows. I’ve created a button on “page 1” that when clicked, sets a global variable and then pops up a new window (page 2). In “page 2”, I use the “Page Loaded” interaction to set the value of a label to this global variable but it doesn’t work - the global variable is always (blank). This scenario works fine if I don’t set the button to display “page 2” in a popup window (e.g. Current Window).

Thanks in advance for helping me make sense of this!

This is a known bug, apparently fixed in the latest Beta build. See this recent thread:

Thanks mbc66 for the quick reply! I thought I was missing something here but I’m glad to see that this bug is being addressed in the latest beta build. Super happy with Axure overall!