Greyscale setting

Does anyone know where I can find Greyscale setting in Axure 9 Beta?


Hi pchamberlin,

The greyscale setting has been removed in the Axure RP 9 beta, but I’ll let our teams know that this is a feature you’re missing. :slight_smile:

I’d like to chime in that this is also a feature I’d like to see in rp9. I like using the existing pattern library widgets and changing the sketchiness to show in-progress thinking. The grayscale allows me to quickly switch between just externalizing ideas vs getting ready to switch to high-fidelity, without having to recreate pages.

Would make a huge difference to have both grayscale and sketch effects back.

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Second this - I’m using this feature MORE these days.
Heads off the ‘are these final designs’ debate.

Same thread here: Sketch effects in RP9

This is an odd way on getting user feedback. I feel might be a better way to do that. However, I am really sorry I upgraded my Axure 8 to 9 as I am finding things that worked wonderfully before, no longer works or worse, it’s been removed. That being said, please bring back grayscale, sketchy lines, ability to use handwriting font so that high fidelity can look like low fidelity. Also, I’m finding lots of bugs, such as mouse over and out only works on files i created in 8, but starting from scratch it’s a nightmare to try and create.

The features outlined is what differentiated Axure to other prototyping software. I’m find it difficult to see the value prop now.


One more thing, users have to create an account to post a reply. I’m willing to bet this page would be incredibly long if users didn’t have to do that. In other words, it really was an important feature your team removed.

Hi all, thanks for all the feedback regarding the absence of the Sketchy and grayscale features in Axure RP 9! Per the forum policy change we’re now directing all feedback (and feature requests) over to instead of the forums, but everything that’s been filed here thus far has been passed along to the product team.

@JudeN regarding the bugs you’re running into, if you can send a sample file with the broken interactions over to with details about how those were created originally then we’d be happy to take a look!