Has Axure stopped support for Axure 9?




Just wondering - Axure 9 still has a couple of significant bugs (i.e. also breaking apart masters when breaking away the first state of dynamic panels, not being able to copy/paste interactions with raised events, proxy issues in Ventura)

Is there any plan to continue to fix issues in Axure 9? (The last update was March 29, 2022)

There isn’t any chance of us upgrading to Axure 10 as my employer doesn’t support subscription model applications, and we still have many Axure 9 licenses being used across the business.



This is a good question to email to support@axure directly. Their support agents sometimes, but not always, monitor these forums.


Hi Luke,

We do support the latest two versions of Axure RP, so 9 is still supported. We do plan to do more bug fixes for Axure RP 9, though at the moment bugs in Axure RP 10 (or bugs that affect both 9 and 10) are taking higher priority.

If you haven’t already emailed our support team, I would recommend doing so with the list of bugs that are currently of concern to your team. This will allow us to make sure that they’re all filed (if they aren’t already) so that they’re ready for review and prioritization when we prepare the next round of fixes for Axure RP 9.


Sounds good Alyssa. The two I mentioned above have been around for a long time, but the breaking apart all the masters when a dynamic panel state is broken away is critical as it breaks prototypes, and users with low Axure knowledge don’t understand what has happened