Help! I'm sure this is so easy, but why can't I figure it out?



Hi Everyone,

I’m sure this is super easy for most (if not all of you) but I’m so new to to all of this… and I would love some help.

  1. I have six categories that a user can select from (they can select one, or multiple) - there is a hover state and a selected state
  2. There is also a skip button (if none of the 6 categoreis are selected - it is visible) once one of the categories is selected it disapears
  3. There is also a Next button (once an item is selected this appears) if nothing is selected it disapears

What is the best way to implement this? Thank you so much, any help would be greatly appreciated.


I did this with Repeater. You can try to see if it meets your needs.
Buttons.rp (57.7 KB)


The key here is to be aware that you need to run some kind of logical check each time one of those categories is selected or unselected.

The way I did it is to put the logic for that in the skip button’s “rotated” interaction (since you aren’t going to be using that for anything else, right?), and then fire that interaction whenever one of the categories is selected/unselected, which happens when the user clicks them.

Here’s the example: select-categories.rp (54.9 KB)


Hi Ishillman, thank you so much for your repsonse. What you have created works exactly how I need it, thank you so much! I was trying to add in the logic on the individual categories themselves… and I’ve never used a fire event before, so I’m going to continue to play around with it and see how I can use it in the future! thank you again so much for your incredible help! :slight_smile:


Hi spiritjp, thank you so much for your help as well, your example works perfectly! and I’ve also never used a repeter before so I will play around with this in the future to see how I can ustilise it. Thank you so much for your wonderful help, I really appreciate it! :slight_smile: