Help! Rotate interaction happens as expected for 1 item but does not happen for 4 items copy-pasted from the 1 that works


This had been a rather large prototype but in an effort to figure out what’s going wrong, I’ve pared it down to just the problem area. What’s left is 5 left-hand navigation buttons. When any one of the buttons is selected, that button should turn white and the other buttons should be blue. The first button that I made (Benchmark Analytics) is working as expected. The other 4 buttons never turn blue after another button is selected.
Clicking a button causes a label to be moved by (0,0) which causes a secondary label to be moved by (0,0). When the secondary label is moved, it selects the correct button to be rotated. The buttons each have an interaction for when they’re rotated. In that interaction, the button sets itself to the unselected/blue state.
Watching the console log, I can see that the Benchmark Analytics button does get rotated and it then changes its state to unselected.
The console shows that the rotate action happens for the other buttons but their rotate interactions never happen. Even if this turns out to be an incredibly obvious mistake, by now I will just be glad to know why this is happening!

The moving of labels is because the left-hand navigation is supposed to have many more buttons and I thought I might be running into a limit for the number of cases in a condition.
Initially, I was having setting the panel states directly instead of rotating, but the panel state was only getting set for the Benchmark Analytics button, so adding rotation was part of troubleshooting.

The pared down prototype is here



Well, it appears that I pared the prototype down too much. After I found and fixed a mistake that I introduced when paring it down, this prototype worked. However, the original, large prototype does not contain that mistake and still has the problem that I described above. I’ll keep working on it to determine the smallest portion that exhibits the problem. If that reveals the cause of the problem, I’ll post that it’s fixed. Otherwise, I’ll post the new prototype and ask for the community’s help again.


The problem was caused by having redundant names for a few dynamic panels.

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