Help with disable button in form

Hi, I would appreciate urgent help for a job

I built a form and I want the user not to be able to click the button until all the sections are filled out.
I was able to do only on a certain section but I want them all to be complete and not just one.
Would appreciate help!


I mean the first form, I want everything to be filled out for the button to be active. (Currently only if you fill in the second takeoff does it become active)

disablehelp.rp (1.3 MB)

I would do this with a hidden widget with some logic on it that tests each of the fields to see if they have been completed. Then you can move the hidden widget by 0,0 every time you enter or leave focus on a field and fire the testing logic. Once the hidden widget successfully tests all the fields, it can then enable the button widget.

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if you can help me i be happy!!

Hi Omer
step 1:
create a button that on click cheks set of conditions.
The relation between the conditions should be AND (“Match All”).
The conditions should be:
Text on widget “חיפוש” does not equal “”
Text on widget “זמן” does not equal “”

if all the conditions are matched, then do something. lets stay - change its text to “ok”
step 2:
test it
step 3:
once it works, change the trigger from OnClick on “Moved”
step 4:
change the event from writing “OK” to enable your “search flights” button.
step 5:
on each change in your form fields (like selecting country or time) add the event - move your “Secret” button. this way, each time the user changes something in the fields, it triggers the check if all the fields are already filled.
step 6: hide your secret button

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you can help me with my work? i added it

you can help me with my work? i added it?