[HELP] With moving content with move and push and pull within dynamic panel

Hey fellow Axurers! I’m currently working on a prototype that is similar to instagram. Basicly i have gotten to the point where the user can choose photo and then post it with a title. Depending on what picture they choose it will show in a dynamic panel on the same page with a caption. However when the choosen post shows in the dynamic panel i want the normal posts to move further down and that the post that the user “makes” takes the place of the nearest post.
For now i have tried with move and then push and pull aswell but it doesn’t seem to work.
Would be awesome if anyone could take a look at it!
We_love_BACK_UP1_XXXX.rp (6.8 MB)

++DPUserPost and ++GalleryUpload is the elements that is used

Hi Kuchikan33

I couldn’t get all the interactions to work.
But had a look at the set up and unhid the DP’s.

I’d very strongly recommend using a repeater for the posted entries - both existing and new. This guys videos look like they may be helpful.

Would certainly allow you to order them - including pushing new ones to the top of the list - and also simulate search etc which I can see is part of the UI.

Regards - Mike Gray

Here’s a simple repeater demo with a mini form and an ‘add’ button - uses some of your assets. Doesn’t tackle the images bit totally - but will hopefully convince enough.


File attached
instalike_repeater.rp (7.6 MB)

Probably the easiest way for you to do the images - albeit slightly limited - is to have a dynamic panel in the repeater that has 1 image per state. And set the panel state by a number in the repeater.

I can’t recommend repeaters strongly enough for this kind of thing to be honest!

Best wishes - M

Thanks for all the answers , i solved it through putting the post as hidden just behind the closest post and then using push and pull!