Help with repeater "update row"

Dear community,
I have a problem with the “update row” function of the repeater.
(I can’t quite see through it)
When I click on one of the left fields, the one I clicked on should appear on the right.
So when I click on “Frist”, instead of “Nothing Selected” First should appear on the right.
If clicked on Second show Second etc.
Can anyone help me?

Many thanks in advance

SebastianRepeater Problem.rp (47.7 KB)

You just need to update your rule in Update Rows of the left repeater. Right now, your rule is:
[[TargetItem.Target == Item.Selection]]

…which equates to: The value in the (target repeater) column named “Target” matches the value in the (source repeater) column named “Selection”.
…so, the second repeater (named “( R ) Selected”) would need to have values in its ‘Target’ column that match the first repeater --which would only happen if both repeaters were identical to start with.

Since you only have one row in the second repeater, you could change your rule to:
[[TargetItem.index == 1]]

…which equates to “update the first row”.

Many thanks mbc66
This has helped me a lot. (Unfortunately, I still can’t see through repeaters the way I would like to).
Do you have a good source with tips on repeaters?

Thanks a lot

Kind regards Sebastian

Yeah, repeaters are tricky and have a long learning curve. Worth the time as they can be powerful. Someone in another thread today asked same question. Here’s a good primer from one of the best forum posters here, josephxbrick:

Thanks mbc66 for the link. :slight_smile:

All the best