Horizontal Repeater with Dynamic Text and Dynamic Panel

I’m trying to create a horizontal repeater where each item has a text string and a dymanic panel. The text is set by one column and the state of the dynamic panel is set by a different column.
image image image

In Axure, it looks like it’s loading correctly:

When I preview it, it’s loading as if I didn’t have “Fit to Content in HTML” checked, which I do.

Removing the Set Panel to State on item load seems to fix this. Is there a way to make this work with the panel state change?


What you are experiencing is a bug that has existed ever since the Fit to Content in HTML feature was added in Axure 8. Everything looks great when the repeater loads, but when you perform any action that causes the repeater to redraw (as it would upon changing your DP states), the repeater uses the authored size of the widget rather than the size of the text in the widget.

I reported this bug during RP 9 Beta (and for RP 8 as well), but it sounds like it’s still not fixed.

That’s a shame. Thanks for the quick response!

Has this problem been fixed yet? T.T

The Axure 10 beta seems to have fixed this, as well as a number of issues surrounding widgets containing text. The beta is rough going at this point, though: lots of things don’t yet work. Not suitable for production work.