How about building with Azure

I have doing some research about axure platform for prototyping and it seems great for me if one can actually build a website using axure. I have a few questions to ask. now I have a great idea of social media, like photos sharing site, like Instagram" but can I be able to use axure to build a complete photo sharing site like Instagram without coding it at all?

Demo, YES!!
Functional platform, No!! You can’t at this stage.

Demo: YES

Functional platform:

This depends on how you structure your prototype. I have studied how Axure RP generated HTML codes looks like when you design with structure in place.

If you want to use Axure generated codes, and have it readable by your developer, then do this to start.

  1. For mobile apps, use only 1 page, give it a name "My_project

  2. Drop a rectangle widget on the canvas and give it a name “App_container”, this serves as the background of the app, then set the size to your mobile phone device of choice. Note for iOS this will be easy as the screen sizes are less, for Android it can be a little bit complicated, but you can optimise your code to be responsive later.

  3. Convert the rectangle widget to a Dynamic panel and call it “My_project_DP”

  4. Create different states of the “My_project_DP” such as “Onboarding”, “Home”, “Profile” , “Settings” etc depending on your app requirements.

  5. Design your app screens, and make sure that you have it arranged or ordered in the outlines pane from bottom to top (This to some extent, ensures that your code is in some form of semantic layout.) which Header, Body, Footer. Although your design would determine what structure you need as your app may your app may not have header.

  6. Ensure all widgets are given a unique name. This was you can see them in code. This is good practice as many just drop widgets on the canvas and not name it, which leads to Axure giving it a name sometimes called u1 …uN

  7. Once your design is done this way, you have 1 single file that holds all your design codes.

  8. Once you have complete the design, go into the project folder, and delete any previously generated code project folder. This prevents Axure generated duplicate copy of your widgets assets such as images.

  9. Once your app version is complete at first stage and you are good to go, Generate a new copy of your project, and since you have deleted the old copy, Axure would generate a fresh copy of your project folder with all files, etc

  10. Your front end of your app is then considered complete.

For backend code think about this way.

  1. Design your database.

  2. Choose the back code you want, PHP, NodeJS. Ensure that you don’t write much codes onto the HTML files so always use Includes functions, especially in PHP.

Your developer would have to be the type that loves coding from scratch to really understand the Axure codes, not a developer that depends on so many dependencies to make small things look big for fancy sake.

With careful planning, and creativity. You can use Axure Codes for some some projects.

For iPhone you would be okay in terms of screen sizes as there are less of them, however for Android this will depends and you can have the Axure code responsive.

Great. that is a faintest idea everyone would like to try out. Thanks bro.

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