How can I speed up the time for the ToolTip to show?

Need to show tooltips faster to .5sec. Is there a setting?

Thank you

The short answer is, “No.”
The “Tooltip” shape property in Axure just takes advantage of the HTML “title” attribute so the functionality belongs to the browser, not Axure.

If you want to control “tooltips” in any way (e.g., style, size, behavior, etc.) you’ll have to make your own using Axure components.

Hi Huban,

Guess I’m making my own ToolTips. Thank you for your help.


Hi steve1, just remember the browser lag is there for a reason. Instant pop-up pisses people off when a user is just moving the cursor towards a target on the page. If it moves over an active tooltip item, it actually slows down the page and shifts focus from the intended task. Use with care!

Hi Stephen,

Yeah that’s a good point. I’ll be sticking with the delay.

Thanks for your response,