How do I roll back to RP 9 v 3661?


I’m having the problem described here Right-click / Context Menu actions in Axure, and the solution seems to be a rollback to previous version. But how? After no success on, including its release history page, I’ve searched for “Download” (and other terms) in the forums without any success.

How do I download (and install) a specific sub version of Axure RP 9?


Hi Asbjørn,

If you want to roll back to build 3661 to avoid the context menu bug, then you can download it below:



Hope that helps!

Hmm. It brought me an exe-file, but running it was not as successful. I get the Windows prompt about allowing it to run, but after that nothing happens.

Do I have to uninstall build 3662 first?

Hmm you shouldn’t have to uninstall 3662 first (running the .exe will usually do this for you prior to installing the downloaded build). That said, if you’re seeing that nothing is happening, then you can try uninstalling build 3662 via the Control panel and then launching the .exe again to install build 3661 (running it as Administrator should also help). Hopefully that does the trick! If you still run into issues please feel free to email us directly at so that we can help you directly.

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