How to add alt text to images?

I’m going to be conducting user testing with users with vision impairments and as such, need to add alt text to all images on our page.

How do you add alt text to images in Axure?

With the Image widget selected, look at the bottom of the INTERACTION pane. Click the Show All button and put your alt text into the Tooltip field.

Axure documentation has a tutorial on tooltips here:

Here’s a thread on testing with vision impairment and a link to an Axure blog on Prototyping for Accessibility

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This worked! Thank you so much! Was pulling my hair out on this.

edit: I thought this worked, but when I tested it with a screenreader, it did not work.

Ok update. So this solution did not work. I can add notes to the images, as well as adding a tooltip. But when I go to view the image with a screenreader, it is still telling me that the image does not have any alternative text assigned to it. How do I add the alt text to an image? Do I need to manually add it in the HTML file to get it to work?

Are there step by step instructions on how to do this anywhere?