How to auto expand all folders in the sitemap page list in a published prototype?

The latest Axure 10 update made it where folders are now automatically collapsed in a published prototype versus being expanded like before. Is there a way that I can show my folders as auto expanded in my published prototype?

You’re right! Our new Axure RP 10 build 3882 included a change where folders that do not include the currently selected page are now collapsed by default. Pages and their child pages, however, will still remain expanded and do not collapse by default.

If you wish to have your pages expanded by default, then you can use a blank page as a placeholder instead of a folder .

Hope that helps and in the meantime, I’ve passed this feedback to our product team regarding this change.

Thank you Ben, I’ll do that as a work around. Would be great folders being expanded / collapsed when published could be handled as a publish setting in the future. Thank you for your quick response and that tip, appreciate your time!