How to collect the feedback just on the prototypes without AS?

How to collect the demand feedback from our product users whom browsed the prototype which we have showed to if we don’t publish it on Axure Share ? Cuz,Our director want me to collect the feedback in an efficient way , I really wanna know how to collect the feedback just by showing our users the prototype, and then, our users can just write down their opinions on the prototype .

Hi Dragonball,

If you publish your prototype to Axshare it automatically by default gets a functionality which allows users to leave comments. You can find it in the Discuss section on the left hand side of the screen inside the sliding panel. This can be configured (as far as I know) so you can enable it for selected prototypes if you wish.


Hi Dragonball,

And as a followup, you can also incorporate Axure Share Discussions (mentioned above) with a self-hosted prototype:

In Axure RP 8, select “Publish > Generate HTML Files > Discuss” and select the “Include Discussions” checkbox.

Rather than entering the project ID for an actual Axure Share prototype, you can generate a new standalone project ID that doesn’t have an accompanying prototype: Log in at and click the “New Project” button; you can enter a project name and click “Create” without uploading a file.

You can use this generated ID strictly for your Discussions. And you can find the ID for this project when you mouse over the gear icon and click “File + Settings”. Note: while these discussions are still hosted on our servers, you can still incorporate the discussions feature with your self-hosted prototype.

Hi Azrael ,
Thank you for your answering my question,actually,I don’t wanna publish my Prototype to Axshare, I just wanna publish prototypes to my company’s own servers. Then I send the link of the prototype which I wanna show to users who can easilly post their feedbacks to the prototype .

Hi Alex_Axure,

I would like to express my thanks for your generosity. You answered my questions in a way so I could better

understand the topic. Also, your answer was very helpful in extending my understanding of the subject matter.

Again, I really appreciate your kindness. Thank you so much.


Hi Alex_Axure,

  Is there any other method to collect feedback or discussion from users? For example, embedding JS to the generated html files to create something like Dialog window for collecting feedbacks?
  do you know how to use bugherd?where can I get the specified JS ?


The current supported method for integrating external JS for feedback tools like BugHerd is through an Axure Share Plugin. Here’s what that looks like


However, further modifying the local HTML that’s generated from Axure RP isn’t technically supported (e.g. embedding JS into them). Do feel free to inspect BugHerd’s plugin, though, in case you’re able to glean any useful info:


In the meantime, I’ll also be logging a feature request so that we can evaluate a feedback option that doesn’t require Axure Share.

Hi, Alex
thank you so oooooooooo much !!your answer was very helpful in extending my understanding of the subject matter.