How to disable the mobileFrameCursor

Greetings everyone,

I am using Axure RP9 to create a proof of concept of a web-platform. Due to the fact that my test subjects are using different screen-resolutions, and because I want the page to be shown without scrollbars in the browser, I’ve decided to create an adaptive view of 1920*1080, so that everyone can see the platform as a whole on their desktop, with some ‘Axure margins’ on the side. I couldn’t figure out a better way to do this.

While using adaptive view hights, the Axure system automatically creates the MobileFrameCursor div *. I’ve been trying to target the class through some javascript in order to reset it to default, but I’ve been unable to overrule its CSS properties.

My question: Is there anyway to disable the ‘mobileFrameCursor’?

i’ve discovered if you specify a height in the Adaptive View dimensions, you will get the new “mobile player” with the "big blob’ mobileFrameCursor. But, if you only specify a width and leave the height field blank, you should get the traditional basic web view with “normal” cursors.

Thanks, but while this might be a solution for the mouse cursor, it functions somewhat as the auto view, causing the prototype to create scrollbars.

This is core browser behavior and has nothing to do with Axure. Any time a web page has content which cannot be shown in the browser viewport, scrollbars are shown to provide a means to see and access that content.

If you have content you don’t want to be scrolled to, you can wrap it in a dynamic panel, resize this dp to whatever size you need, ensure that “Fit to Content” is turned off and the default “Never show scrollbars” option is chosen.

Understood, but wrapping everything in a Dynamic Panel does not solve the matter, since the people I want to test with have different view-ports. I have a major amount of contents and modals to test with and a lack of time to redesign everything to a smaller screen-resolution. I am unable to find any other way to make sure all content fits in full-page for every screen other than using the adaptive view height option. Simply being able to remove Axure’s mouse blob seems to be the best solution.

Axure is not able to adapt dynamically to different view ports. You can use different adaptive views, but as you found out on desktops you must not specify a height.

Guess that’s to late now, I cannot test the prototype without the specified hight due to the behavior of the browser. It still works, it’s just that the blob is extremely annoying. Thanks tho guys.