How to host multiple prototypes that have been "Publish Locally" files on webserver?

I am not allowed to use Axure Cloud to publish ourside of my organisation.
I can’t use browser extentions to view local files. Locked down user computers.
I can upload my html files to a webserver.

Is there away to copy all the files from a prototype “Published Locally” to a web server sub-directory?

It seems to work if I copy the files into the root folder for the webserver but I was hoping to be able to upload multiple versions of the prototype to subdirectories for the server I have to work with.

When I open the index pages of files in sub-folder it looks for resources in the root.

I have added a <base href=“https://localhost:8000/demo1” /> to all the head sections of a published html files but I still see 404 errors in server logs when viewing model files.
Putting a base tag in html page should in theory cause the browser to make requests to subdirectory, but maybe there is some javascript in the prototype that goes directly to relative resources and ignores the base tag element.

Seems like I need to host each published model on its own domain.

Do you have a tips on hosting multiple “Published Locally” prototypes on a private internal web server?

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Hello Rudiger,

My name is Travis, I’m a member of the Axure Customer Success team. Something I would like to recommend for your issue here is Axure Cloud for Business On-Premises.

Axure Cloud for Business On-Premises is a version of Axure Cloud that can be run entirely on your own servers, through your own network, and without any connection to Axure. It comes with all the advantages and features of Axure Cloud with the privacy of running your own webserver.

Here is a short video introduction of Axure Cloud for Business On-Premises:

If you are interested in this please let us know and we will reach out with more information. You can also contact us directly at