How to keep Checkbox checked when Repeater items loads?

Hey guys,
Could anyone help me here?

I can’t work out a way of keeping the checkboxes selected after I select yes or no for another question. Looks like on Item Load I lose the selections.

In the dataset I’ve created columns to check if yes or no is selected. Inside the repeater I have added panels for each question. When Item loads I’ve set conditions to show or hide the panels.

I would like to use repeater to easily populate the questions inside the dataset and later filter them out. But unfortunately checkboxes are being reloaded and I lose the selection.

Any tips on how to do that?
Highly appreciate any help.

Repeater-issue.rp (102.3 KB)

Do all questions have five options?

Hey. No. Options don’t always have the same number.

If the secondary question check boxes are also inside the repeater, you have to store their selection state as part of the repeater data as well.

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They are. But this would give me a lot of columns inside the dataset and too many conditions to set when the repeater items loads.

People have created nested tree views using repeaters. You might be able to adapt one of those solutions to fit what you need.

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Repeater-issue-Jorkin.rp (125.9 KB)

Great job Jorkin. Thank you very much for you help!