How to make search content upon pressing enter on predictive search?

Hi, can anyone please help to teach me “How to make search content upon pressing enter on predictive search?”


search game.rp (183.6 KB)

You can use a ‘Key Up’ interaction to do this, then add a case for the key pressed being the Return key. This can then take the text on the search widget and use it to apply a filter to the repeater below.

i have followed your steps, but upon pressing enter it searched empty. could you help?

search game.rp (182.0 KB)


Funny, someone else had the exact same question today. Please look at my response to it, and let me know if that helps!

hI @josephxbrick, i tried a lot methods but still when i press enter the content became empty and when i empty the predictive search the content didn’t return back to default :frowning:

search game.rp (182.0 KB)

Hi @jackyhl8 - you were wrapping your local variable (LVAR1) in quotes like this - ‘LVAR1’ - this will search for the text string ‘LVAR1’, not the local variable itself.

I’ve renamed the LVAR (it’s good practice to name your LVARs if you can, it makes it a lot easier to read the interaction pane) and removed the quotes and it works. I also added clear filters to the interactions for clicking the ‘clear’ X icon and removing all text from the field.

search game-edited.rp (182.6 KB)

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Thank you so much @davegoodman. i learned something from you.

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