How to make the inner shadow effect consistent in Axure and the browser


Hello everyone, I added an inner shadow style to a rectangle, but the effect seen in Axure is very different from the effect previewed in the browser. Please see the screenshot below for details. I want to know if this situation is a bug in Axure or a problem with my settings?


Thanks for posting about this and including those screenshots as well.

After testing on our end, we were able to reproduce the behavior you’re seeing and it looks like preview/published versions show a much more exaggerated blur. I have filed this as a bug for our teams to investigate.

In the meantime, if you wish to use inner shadow blur, then you can scale down the actual value and compare with the previewed versions to test.

Appreciate you bringing this to our attention!


Thank you for your reply. Maybe I didn’t make it clear, but what I want is the effect in the browser, just like outer shadow. That is to say, the effect in the browser is correct, but the effect in axure is wrong.