How to prevent selections from clearing on sort or filter repeater?

Is there a way to search for something, select a couple, then clear the search field to search for something else and persist my selections?

Similar scenario as above. But on Add Sort, how do i persist my selections? Right now, adding a sort or searching will always clear my previous selections.

(I’m using checkboxes)

@Jaewoo Not sure if there is any easier way, here is my solution with Javascript

Persist Checked Status.rp (48.6 KB)

What I do is I add an extra column to my repeater and name it “Selected”.

Then I set my checkbox when Selected to
Update Rows
Repeater set Selected to “Selected” for This.

Then I set the checkbox when Unselected to
Update Rows
Repeater set Selected to “” for This.

Then I set the Repeater so on Item Loaded
Case 1
If “[[item.Selected]]” equals “Selected”
Set Selected/Checked
Checkbox to “true”

Bingo-Bango, that should make your checkbox’s persist as long as you are on that same page and you don’t refresh the page. You can add whatever filters you like and they should stay selected.

Hope this helps.

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I don’t see an “On Item Loaded” event??

OnItemLoad/Item Loaded is one of the events specific to the repeater widget. If you select the repeater (not a widget inside of it) then it should be listed in the “Interactions” pane.

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