How to set an item invisible to the mouse ? ( prevent it to catch mouse event)

Hello all,

I’m doing a prototype for a menu, and I’m using the built-in style effects on a shape which is pretty cool :hugs:
However I want to customize the button and add an icon. The problem is that when I’m hovering the icon which is on top of the shape that receives the mouse interactions, the icon catch over the mouse interaction, and the hover effect disappear.

You can see the effect on the following link when you move the cursor over the icon:

Is there a way to set an item invisible to the mouse ? sort of ‘pass through’ ?

PS: I know that i could use a hotspot on top ofthe shape and the icon, but i really want to use the built-in feature of style effects.

There’s an easier way. Group the button and the icon, then select the group, right click it, and choose Trigger interaction styles. Then the group will catch the events and apply the correct interaction style to each widget in the group (if they have one).

Thank you @nkrisc, it worked. I tried to group the items, but didn’t know about that option. For info it is ‘Fire mouse style effects’ on RP9.

Oh good there you go. I was just going off memory. I think it’s called something closer to what I said in version 8.