I can't see where to edit hint text in the master

I would really like to create a custom input field and text area type and reuse this as a master. The hint text doesn’t show up in the master as an option to modify, nor can I see a way of setting the hint text on load. Any ideas?

Yeah, they did a pretty good job of hiding this in RP9. But, it works the same for input field widgets on normal page or in a master. Select your widget then click the “3-dot” icon in upper right of INTERACTIONS pane:


I am on a mac. I don’t see that for a master. There is no way of updating the entered text in there either for a text field. See screenshots.15 29

From your screenshots, it doesn’t look like you have the input field widget selected. Be sure you have one selected, as the hint text is a property of the input field, not the Master itself, if that makes sense. But, because this widget is in a Master, all of its properties will carry over to whatever page it is placed on.