Image changes size when pasted

When I drop an image onto the worksheet it never appears in original size. Always smaller.
I drop an image 1920x912 and it’s size in Axure appears as 1536 x 730?
How can I stop this?

You’ve not said whether you are on a Mac or Windows.

Certainly on Windows, is your display sizing is set to something other than 100% you can get this kind of thing happening.

When it does, I save/close my applications, set it back to 100% and try the operation again.

Hi there,

unfortunately, I have the same problem. I need my widgets as an image so that a push/pull mechanism works properly. A few weeks ago this worked without problems. I did not change anything in my workaround.

If now I copy the widgets with a total size of 1530 (Width) and paste them as an image, the width is reduced to 1224.

As I said before: A few weeks ago (4 -5 weeks) this worked without problems. I haven’t changed anything in my settings.

Maybe something went wrong due to the new updates?

I am on Windows and do have an adjusted setting. I need that as on 2k and 4k monitors text is very small so I scale it, and won’t change it back. I don’t see why that should affect an imported image???

Have the same since I have a new high res monitor… I also do not understand why Axure does this. I see it as a bug. When I save the image and load it into a image object then it is the original size as it is on the screen. So why not when I paste an image?