"Image Filters" output should be the same as common CSS

I find the MouseOver Style “Image Filter” feature functional, but almost entirely useless given the non-standard output.

I know Axure generates this image swap by generating individual image assets on output instead of relying on CSS, but it makes no sense to me that the image calculations are so different than what all browsers support.

For example, the “Brightness” slider in Axure (with a range of -1 to +1) does not function at all like the “brightness” value in CSS:


filter: brightness(0.4);

I would expect that Axure’s calculation to be the same, so that I can properly replicate what my images will look like once properly built in code.

From that link above, here is how I expect Axure’s brightness “Image Filter” calculation to work:


The brightness() function applies a linear multiplier to the input image, making it appear more or less bright. A value of 0% will create an image that is completely black. A value of 100% leaves the input unchanged. Other values are linear multipliers on the effect. Values of an amount over 100% are allowed, providing brighter results. The lacuna value for interpolation is 1 .

Axure’s “Image filter” calculations for “Contrast”, “Hue” and “Saturation” are likewise all non-standard.

Please align the image processing output of this tool with what is now commonly supported in all major browsers.