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I’m importing a number of large images into a project - this is the way I usually work, by modifying screenshots of the existing app. I always choose “Would you like to optimise it?” - No. This is because for me it is usually worth the tradeoff of having a slow page load for having something that looks identical to the current app. For the last couple of weeks, all imported images are being optimized whether I choose Yes or No and the interface is getting quite blurry. Any idea what is going on here?

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Hi wagster!

By any chance do you happen to be working in Axure RP 9 on a Windows machine, and when the issue started did you happen to just start to import larger images than you were previously? There seems to be a Windows-specific bug on file where in Axure RP 9 very large images appear to be optimized when imported even when not explicitly chosen to be optimized; this is specific to very large images. At the moment the workaround seems to be to import smaller images. If that sounds like the same issue you’re running into then I’ll make sure to pass along to the QA team a heads up that this is popping up more.

Hi Alyssa,

Yes, that is exactly it. I’m on Win7/RP9 and this doesn’t seem to be happening with smaller images. As most of my work is redesigns and alterations rather than ground-up design work I generally prototype changes by starting with a screenshot of the whole page, which can be significant in size. If you could let QA know that would be great - this is actually being quite problematic for me and I would like to see it resolved asap. Thanks!

Gotcha, thanks for confirming! I’ve gone ahead and logged your additional details with QA and gave them the heads up. Hopefully in the meantime, as a workaround taking a screenshot of the page and then slicing that screenshot into 2 (maybe 3) parts and then importing those separate parts into Axure RP helps to prevent the unwanted optimization for now. Not ideal but hopefully does the trick!

Thanks Alyssa, it’s a bit of a janky solution but it will keep me on the road for the time being!

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