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I had a project checked out and my machine crashed. After much swearing and buying coffee for our tech guys, I was able to get back up and running. Now I can’t check out or in the most recent version of a team project. I’m guessing the files are considered to be checked out, but now when I try to check in my local version the option is greyed out. Same for checking out the current team site. I cannot seem to find a way to check in the project, and haven’t found an answer in searching the forums here. I have the latest edits on my local PC, and successfully published to Axure Share before the crash but now can’t access what I need. I tried most of the solutions I’ve found in these forums and the Axure help feature with no luck. My question would be, can I force some form of check-in that I’m unaware of, or can I import the current preview site from Axure Share? Thanks much in advance!


I’ve run into some similar issues in the past. The short answer is yes, you can force this by stealing all the checkouts–even if it is stealing them from yourself–and essentially overriding the checkout/check-in process.

I will say that emailing has really helped with all sorts of things. They are usually very responsive and helpful, particularly if you can attach your source .rp or .rppprj file. There are a few things you can try on your own that shouldn’t break anything…and if the process below still doesn’t work, definitely contact Axure support.

For safety’s sake, you can export your .rpprj file to an .rp file with File > Export Team Project to File… --This will create a copy on your local computer which can serve as a good backup. It will not affect the Team Project. I recommend doing this regularly at major version updates to give you some extra reliability. If all else fails, you can create a new Team Project from this file and start clean with everything checked in. Consider this your last-ditch nuclear option. The downside is all your collaborators will have to switch over to this new project, and anyone viewing your project prototype will need to switch over to the new URL it would create.

It appears that Axure Share (or the local SVN server if you are using that method) does not recognize that you are the person/account that checked out pages. You can override this by checking out all pages (Team > Check Out Everything), then clicking “Yes”. This should result in a dialog titled, “Unable to Check Out” with a list of all the pages that are currently checked out, and who has them checked out. If they are all you, then you know you can proceed with your override. If there are other authors listed, it is a good idea to double-check with them that they have (at least tried to) check in their pages, or just to notify them you are going to override their checkout and replace everything. To override every page, click the button, “Edit All w/o Checkout” (Or you can click on an individual page names to select them then click the “Edit w/o Checkout” button.) Once the progress dialog completes, you can check everything in (Team > Check In Everything) This should bring up a dialog titled, “Steal Check Outs” with the same list of pages. Click the “Steal All Check Outs” button, then click “OK”. This should result in all the pages checked back in and ready to be checked out normally.

Best of luck!

Can't edit yet I have the files checked out

Thanks! I was finally able to get back into the project site using your suggestions. Unfortunately, I lost the last edits I was working on as I had not published or checked them in. So, looks like the weekend will be busy!

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