Importing css file to Axure RP

Hi guys,

I apologize in advance if this has already been covered, but I wasn’t able to find it.

I have an existing css file with company styles, which I want to import to Axure RP and start using when building out high-fidelity prototypes.

Any idea on how to do this?

Hi nurgazy7,

There isn’t a way to import CSS styles into a prototype in Axure RP, but I’ll go ahead and submit a feature request for this to our PM team.

In the meantime if you’re uploading your prototype to Axure Share, you might be able to add your custom CSS into an AxShare plugin. If you’re not yet familiar with using AxShare plugins, you can read more about how to do that here:

AxShare plugins won’t upload the CSS directly into Axure RP, but it might help with including at least a portion of your custom CSS into your prototype when it’s shared. You can also try generating your prototype’s HTML output (via “Publish > Generate HTML Files”) and then including your CSS files there.

I hope this is helpful!