Incremental slider breaks when I change the size

I added this slider to my prototype: Incremental Slider

I had originally tried to copy it part by part but that was a disaster and it never even came close to working for reasons I still don’t understand. Well, I figured I would just copy the whole thing and start tweaking it from there. But even the most modest of tweaks has failed. I tried to stretch out the slider bar itself and the containing DP. When I did, the slider handle was cut off by the edge of the DP, even though it looked fine at the original size. I have tried to look through there to figure out what the problem is and I can’t figure it out. Has anyone worked with this stuff?

Hi @jclaussftw,

=> yeah there’s a lot of interaction so you have to take all the useful widgets for it.

=> The dynamic panel “notchedSlider” had a specific width, so all above this width won’t be displayed.

Check “Fit to content” so when changing the width of the slider, it won’t be cut down:

Then you just have to change the rectangle (I rename it “Slider Rectangle”) and it should work:
notched slider V2.rp (250.4 KB)

Hope it will help,

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Thanks for your help. That worked perfectly.

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