Injecting 'preloader' message via CSS doesn't work in ax9?

Hi all, I found an older post detailing a method to inject a CSS body::before pseudo-element that displays a ‘loading’ message before the prototype loads.

I’ve tried this out on my AX9 project, and while I have managed to get the CSS file to be pulled in, it seems to only load and display the loading message at the same time the rest of the prototype loads.

Assuming this is a change for AX9, any ideas on a workaround for please? I’ve got a fairly complex prototype with multiple pages, each taking 10+ seconds to load (optimizations have got it down to 10 from around 20). I don’t need anything fancy with font embeds or css animations, just the ability to display a simple ‘loading prototype’ message so the screen isn’t completely blank.

thanks a ton for any suggestions.