Instances of components linking to different pages


I have inherited an Axure project and I’m struggling with how component instances work (I haven’t used Axure for a long time and I’m used to Figma’s component/instance relationship).

My problem is: if I create an instance of a button, I just want it to link to something different depending on the page it’s on. Currently, I can’t figure out a way to do this.

I can only see an “overrides” panel and the documentation just mentions changing text etc, not interactions. I think it’s possible what I need is a “raised event”, but I don’t really understand the events side of things and how I get that working.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi @gluttonouspet,

You can add a Raise Event action inside your component. Then, in a component instance, you can access those Raised Events via the Interactions pane and trigger specific actions for each component instance.

Here is a helpful reference guide on using Raised Events for more detailed steps.


For some reason I was having difficulty getting this to work first time, but I’ve revisited since your post and it now seems to be working. I can link instances to different things using raised events. Thank you!


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