Interaction changing selected atribute causes resizing of the widget


I have created component BUTTON acting as button (box, width fit to text, selected style - colours).
BUTTON attribute Selected cannot be set on instance of the component so
I have add hidden box SELECTED with Text=“0” to be able set BUTTON attributes Text and Selected (SELECTED.Text) via Loaded interaction of SELECTED where I have been checking
This.Text=“1” and I set BUTTON.Selected=true if it is true.

Instance width is adjusted correctly according to new text.
If SELECTED.Text is set to “1” the selected colours are applied correctly,
but BUTTON width is changed (shrinked).

Any idea? I guess it is Axure Bug…

Thanx in advance,

Could you post an .rp file please? Hard to tell why your button width would change and/or if there is a workaround solution.

If you think this is a bug, I recommend sending an email to including your .rp file, description of your prototype environment, expected/desired result, and any other appropriate details.

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Unfortunately I cannot because of NDA.

But I found already workaround :wink:
I add " " to the end of the Selected BUTTON.text and
add action BUTTON.text.trim()
after set BUTTON.Selected=true
in SELECTED interaction