Interaction condition using delete key on Mac

I am currently in the process of creating a prototype with text fields that should format the phone number entered in a text field to include dashes positioned as such: ###-###-####
I referenced an example by user @PierreJ where they use the condition of ‘key pressed does not equal back’ so that there are no issues when someone tries to clear the entered value.

However, I am on a Mac and when I try to program the same interaction, the key I would press to clear a character to the left of the cursor would be ‘Delete’. This is also what shows up in the interaction rule in Axure. But the problem is that it doesn’t work in practice. I cannot delete characters past the - unless I select all and delete.

Is there any way to solve this without installing windows or purchasing a new keyboard?

I am uploading the example file that @PierreJ shared a few years ago and my new file that I created on a Mac.
Text-fiel-mask_V2.rp (46.4 KB)

phone number input example Mac.rp (42.9 KB)

Hi @yashrg

It looks like this is a known bug that occurs because Axure RP registers the Mac [Delete] key as “Delete” while browsers register it as a [Backspace].

Currently, Mac keyboards are unable to insert a key pressed condition to register as “Back” in RP so the best workaround at this moment would be to use a different keyboard in order to complete your desired interactions.

Our teams are aware of this issue and are looking into solutions to remedy this. I have looped in our Product Team to this issue and your use case. Hope that information helps!

Thanks Benjam. Do you know if this would work if I was able to install windows inside a virtual machine instead of using a different physical keyboard?
Because I am not sure mac would report another keyboard’s backspace key as [backspace] instead of delete.

Yep! We were able to test on a Mac using a Windows virtual machine and looks like RP 10 registers the [Delete] key as “Back” successfully in RP!

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Not sure if this is the same problem that I’m having on my Mac, but I:

  1. Set up a condition that tests for the [DELETE] key and Axure 10 picks up the [DELETE] key OK when creating the condition.
  2. When I run the function the [DELETE] key is not actually recognised UNLESS I also press the FN key, which is the Mac shortcut for forward-delete.

Very odd and even more frustrating! Is there any way to find out what key Axure thinks is being pressed when [DELETE] is pressed?