Is Axure better than Adobe XD?



Hey, Axure RP is more professional looking . Axure RP is a little expensive than Adobe XD. Both of them have communities. But I’m still confused which one is more preferable?
Need your support.

Regard, Editors for Pc


Yes, in my opinion, Axure is better than Adobe XD. But, it really depends on the purpose of the prototypes, the makeup and extent of people and teams creating and using them, need for and support for design systems, etc.

You should note that Adobe recently purchased Figma, a move that many people see as a sign that XD was not competitive and/or has no future, at least in its current form. In my opinion–and I’d venture the vast majority of the Design and prototyping communities globally–Figma has been a far superior product to XD. I won’t be surprised if Adobe opts to keep the name “XD” but move forward with Figma’s engine and UI, remaining “Figma” in all but name. They are both similar in that they are “image swapping” prototype tools with little to no support for prototype logic or programming and lacking in basic user input and freeform or complicated navigation. The latter is the main strength of Axure.