[Is it a bug?] Bring to front / lightbox seems to be working abnormally with nested groups

The example here is super simple, and it’s extracted from a relatively complex project. And the button behaviors are:

  • Button1: show Group2 bring-to-front
  • Button2: show block2 bring-to-front As lightbox

So the expected result is very straightforward “show block2 bring-to-front As lightbox”, but the actual result works like this:

As you can see from here that the background mask even covers block2

But if i change the button1 behavior to “show Group2”, then it works correctly, But i can’t do that due to the overall project logic.

Anyways, i’ve already had some workarounds so it’s not a blocker to me. But please help check and fix the bug if it is one, thanks!

BringToFrontBug.rp (46.3 KB)

@Chelsea_Axure @Alyssa_Axure Would need some advice from Axure team, please help shed some light on this, thanks!

Hi Steven!

I’ve taken a look at your project file, and I was able to reproduce this behavior on my end as well. It looks like this behavior when using bring to front and treat as lightbox styling to target and show a widget group is a known issue that our teams have on file. I’ve gone ahead and added a note to our filed report regarding you experience with this issue for our teams to review as well.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! :slight_smile:

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