Is it possible to edit a library you didn't create?

My team has created an Axure library for common elements in our design system. It seems like only the original creator of the library can actually edit it (it’s dim for everyone else).

This is something we want to be able to collaboratively edit and add to. Is there a way to set this up differently? How can I edit and update a library someone else created?


If you open the .rplib file from the file explorer (at least on Windows) the default action is to load it into Axure as a new or updated library. However, if you open an .rplib file from Axure RP9, using File > Open then it should open it for editing. So, if the .rplib file is in a shared location (like a network folder) then multiple people could edit it–one at a time. Anyone using the library would have to reload the updated version, of course.

In general, collaboration is supported on Axure Cloud via Team Projects. This creates a “master file” on the Axure Cloud server and “local copies” for anyone joining the project. Pages/Widgets are checked out and in for version control.