Is there a way to leave "auto" turned off for adaptive views?



I have a prototype using adaptive views*, and when I specify which adaptive view to use (pick something other than the auto setting from the browser drop down) it changes view appropriately, but when I refresh or reload the page the selected view is not remembered and it resets to it’s initial view.

*My adaptive views are ALL set to (any x any) (which I suspect is the crux of the problem) and therefore auto will not work as I would like based on width of screen. My intention for the user to be required to use the Adaptive View drop down to select a view, ie- user selects “tablet” view and that option is remembered regardless of screen size. I believe this was possible before and how the drop down worked, I wonder if my adaptive views were broken behind the scenes or if something changed.


alternative solutions would be that It would be nice to specify in my generator which adaptive views get published so I can create a “tablet only” generated HTML prototype vs a “desktop only” prototype