Issue with hidden field selected from dropdown list item

I have a project where I need to show/hide text headers, sub header and text box but only when a specific option is selected from a drop down.

The problem I am having is that the fields are displaying, BUT only when I select the option and then click back into the dropdown (as if I was changing my choice). The information does not display as soon as I select the correct item.

I have seen that there is currently an issue with groups, so have made sure that the items concerned are not within a group, but the action still acts the same.

Any advice guys n girls?

You need to change the interaction from ‘Click/Tap’ to ‘Selection Changed’. This will evaluate it as soon as you select something, rather than waiting for you to click the selector widget again.

That’s brilliant. Cheers for helping a noobi

You’re welcome! If you’re new to the software, I recommend this excellent video series to walk you through the main concepts and how to apply them.

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