item.Count is not updating after adding row to a Repeater

I have a Repeater where I store reservations.
I get the item.Count value of the reservations Repeater on the first load of the Page (there are stored 2 reservations by default).
After adding a reservation the page reloads and adds the new reservation.
The Repeater shows the added reservation but item.Count returns still 2 instead of 3.


Does anybody know what I do wrong?

I recommend putting that code on the repeater’s Loaded event. At least that last Set Variable Value action. Then it will get fired after the repeater runs through Item Loaded --thus ensuring all the repeater rows have been created. My guess is the repeater has not fully loaded when the Page Loaded “Always do” gets fired.

Actually, for better extensibility, put that last action in the repeater’s Item Loaded event with a conditional case of "If [[item.isLast]] equals “true” " --so it will get fired every time the repeater is updated, not only when the repeater/page is loaded.

Thanks, this works :slight_smile:

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