Keyboard shortcuts fo increase widget width and height

Is there a way to increase the size of a widget by using a simple shortcut?

In Sketch or Figma, you can do this easily by clicking “Cmd+Left/Right” to increase/decrease the width by one pixel (or by 10px using “Shift+Cmd+Left/Right”). Same goes for the height.

This is quite a big bummer for me, as it significantly slows me down while prototyping in Axure.

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I’ll pile on here and say it would also be great if after editing size/position using the text boxes in the toolbar or Style panel there was an easy way to return focus to the selected widget WITH THE KEYBOARD. That way, you could edit the size/position and then hit Escape (say) and focus would return to the widget, allowing you to nudge the widget with the keyboard, or edit it’s label etc without having to re-select the widget with the mouse, which can be really fiddly.

(Or am I missing something?)

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This reminds me that renaming widgets and pages in their respective panes is also pretty cumbersome at the moment.