Lag on loading pages with repeaters

I have multiple pages with a single repeater on them. The repeater only has 10 rows and 7 columns. When I go to load the page (both in preview and off axshare), the repeater will flash the default values for each label (such as Text1. Text2, etc.) before switching to the data I have loaded in the grid under Styles.

Is this a known issue on Macs as searching the forum I see a few posts about Axure running slow on Macs?

This happens in both Mac and Windows, so I would describe it as an artifact of how repeaters behave in general.

A few workarounds you can try:

  • In your repeater cell, remove all “placeholder” text. This will avoid seeing it briefly before the Item Loaded code assigns text from the dataset.
  • Hide the repeater by default and use the repeater’s Loaded event to show it. This event gets called after all the rows have been loaded by Item Loaded.
  • Put the repeater in a dynamic panel and hide the dynamic panel until everything loaded.

Thanks. I will try and hide the placeholder values