Let a user upload a profile picture. How?


I would like to enable my users to upload their profile picture to my axure prototype. Then I would like to show this picture on the dashboard in my axure app. Is it possible using axure interactions?

Hopeless student,

You can completely fake this with a screenshot of a real file upload browser (e.g., from Axure editor by double-clicking on an image widget, navigating to your folder with pictures and taking a screenshot of that whole dialog/window.) then place hotspots over each picture and the Open button to track the user’s selection. Show an associated image in your prototype, or set a dynamic panel state to show the associated image (already loaded into your prototype in the editor, if that makes sense.)

Or, you can use a Text Field widget with input type set to File. This allows a user to open the system file browser dialog and navigate anywhere on the system. Selecting a file and clicking Open will only set the text of the field to the filename, not actually open or upload anything, so you will still need to set up your possible profile pictures ahead of time, as described above. I searched the forum for a good example of this and was surprised to find I already posted a solution for this but totally forgot about it–it was a year ago–and what a looong year that was!

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense and I’ll see if I can create a quick demo.