Link to a specific part of a page from an external link

Hey all,

Is there a way to get a link that when clicked opens a specific part of a page? To be clear, this isn’t using a button inside Axure to link to the specific part, I want a public link that I can post elsewhere, such as a google doc, so that when the user clicks it the link opens the browser tab and navigates to that specific part of the page? An “onload scroll” action won’t work, as most of the time I need users to be able to start at the top of the page.

The two flows are:

  • click axshare link > open page at the top
  • click axshare link > open page at specific part

I was hoping I could create a button in the file that scrolls to the specific part and then right click and “copy link address”, but that option isn’t available.

Any ideas?