Load a repeater AFTER page load?

I have a couple repeaters that take a few seconds to load. Is there a way to display the rest of the page before loading them?

Hey @anthonyz, something you can do is to hide your repeaters at the beginning, then use the “Page Loaded” or “Loaded” interaction attached to one of the widgets that load first, along with the Wait and Show repeaters actions. It should look like this:

Repeater_wait.rp (50.6 KB)

However, if it’s not applicable to your current widget setup, can you attach a copy of your .rp file so we can look at it?

I’m interested in this as well. I think the only way to do this would be to “load the repeater” after a “wait” action, maybe - That is when the page loads, trigger a move/show action on an invisible “tool” widget that contains your “add rows” actions to populate repeaters.

I haven’t tested this yet - just sort of occurred to me, even though I’ve run into this same problem due to my massive use of components and repeaters.