Looking for ideas for global widgets style management

If I want to have one widget style library that I can use for multiple files - what would you suggest as the easiest way to go about this? I have many files I need to update, consolidating into 1 file is not an option…
Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome :slight_smile:

When you add a widget from a library into a project file, the widget brings in any style(s) already applied to it. If you’re trying to add a large number of new styles into a file all at once, this could be an option:

  1. Create a single library widget (page) containing all the UI elements you need with their styles applied. Basically, create a kitchen sink page.

  2. Group all elements/components. Save this .rplib file.

  3. Open your project file, import the library, and drag in the single widget you created in step 1.

  4. Open the Widget Style Manager. All the widget styles should have been added to your project file and can now be used as needed.

You will have to repeat step 3 for each project file. Hope this helps!

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