Mac error in Dynamic Panel > View All States > expand states list > duplicate state

The button (looks like layers) in the overlay at the top of ‘viewing all states’ mode, which shows a dropdown list of all states in the current dynamic panel, is throwing an error and producing an empty dropdown upon click. After this last update, I can’t seem to find a way to duplicate states in this view any longer - a critical need.

Hi @jinglepockets,

This might be a bug. Do you recall if you started to see this behavior just recently, after an update?

If the issue persists, then please email the following over to our main channel at so that we can investigate:

  • Your macOS version;
  • Build of Axure RP 10;
  • A screen recording video of the issue. This video will help us to visualize what’s happening on your end.
  • If permitted, please also attach a copy of the original .rp file so we can analyze and verify whether the issue is specific to the file.