Maintaining custom widget library


I am really frustrated with the way Axure is able to manage the widget library (it does not). What is the best way to create and maintain a widget library? I would like to have a library of our design system components inside Axure. Now Sketch, Figma does this in a beautiful way with symbols. In Axure I can use masters, but we all know that this can be a bit too overwhelming when you have master within master within master and then raising an event to fire up the event. Quite difficult to manage and edit. Also, you can style elements and save style…but then you have 100 styles when you import the library and you just want to have an element. Is there any way for axure to read any JSON file, or how to better manage the library? The issue is also, when you edit a widget in the library, the ones already used in the page will not get the update…so all this library seems useless. How do you import Design System elements to Axure library and then also maintaining it and most important, keep it simple for the users? Need help.
Is Axure working on this? It is a bummer that this is not implemented in Axure since all the big design software have this