Make object linkable even if it's covered

Hi! I need to be able to allow an object to remain clickable even if it’s covered by a transparent object (dynamic panel, in my case). Is there a way to do that?

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Can’t you just bring the clickable object in front of the transparent dynamic panel? Then it will remain clickable. If, for some reason, the dynamic layer has to be in front, an alternative hack could be to add an invisible hot spot in front of both objects and add the click event on that.

Several years ago the legendary Gregor posted some nice demos of javascript hacks and one of them achieved just this. Actually, it utilized CSS {pointer-events: none} by calling it through javascript injection. It tells the browser to essentially ignore a widget as if it were not there, thus passing events (like OnClick) to widgets underneath it. It was originally done in RP7, updated for RP8, but should still work (hopefully) in RP9. I can’t find the threads in the forum and they would probably be archived by now anyway.

Here is the RP8 library, which you can import to your Axure editor:
AxureJS 8.01.rplib (280.2 KB)

Here is a demo of it in action, see the “Pass Event” page:
JSLibraryExamples.rp (82.4 KB)

To use it, just drag the “Pass Event” from the library (or cut & paste from the .rp file above) onto a page and edit the “myWidget” text with the name of your dynamic panel (or whatever widget you want to be “non-clickable”). The Pass Event widget will hide itself on page load.


Due to layout, I needed the object to be behind the DP. I also was trying to avoid putting a hot spot to avoid adding complexity (although I considered it). I was able to achieve it by adding a Bring to Front action on click of the button.

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